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25 Jan
Savvy Social Security Planning for Women


A “Proactive” approach to your financial and tax planning instead of a “Reactive” approach can produce better results!

Please join us for our Social Security Planning Webinar for Women presented by WillowTrusts Jim Nowak!

At this workshop you will learn...

  • How much Social Security you stand to receive over your lifetime
  • How the decisions you make in your 60s can determine the amount of income you’ll have in your 80s
  • How to take advantage of spousal benefits, survivor benefits, divorced-spouse benefits, and even divorced-spouse survivor benefits
  • How to coordinate your own retirement benefit with benefits you might receive as a spouse or divorced-spouse
  • Why you should consider your husband’s life expectancy when deciding when to claim your own retirement benefit
  • What to do if your husband or exhusband dies
  • What to do if your marital status changes
  • How to plan for the extra-long life

Invite a friend! This event is for our clients and their guests.

Date and Time

Thu, Jan 25, 2024

11:00a - 12:00p EST


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